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Peruvian Nature is proud to announce its Anniversary!

Peruvian Nature is proud to announce its Anniversary!

2018 was - without a doubt - a pivotal year for the company and represented yet another significant milestone for Peruvian Nature whereby we relaunched our brand and updated our image completely! This symbolic rebranding is a testament to our commitment to the entire value chain.

Our webpage and logo have been renewed, as has our communication strategy. By positioning ourselves strategically in the digital marketing era, we have increased the number of followers and online updates on a weekly basis and – as a result - have received many messages of encouragement and compliments on our new image and approach from clients, friends, colleagues and even from our direct competitors! It only goes to show that goals are achieved when you do something you love and feel passionately about.

In ringing in this new year, we would also like to extend a warm wish of gratitude to our Peruvian Nature staff who are steadfast in their support and to our clients who demand superlative quality products, both of whom form part of Peruvian Nature’s secret to success!

Thank you once again for a happy 18 years. ??

Damian Silva – CEO