Bringing the best of our superfoods to you at Seoul Food and Hotel 2024

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Seoul Food & Hotel 2024, scheduled to take place from June 11th to 14th at the prestigious KINTEX venue in Korea, the largest exhibition center in the country.

Our team is ready to share with you the best of our high-quality superfoods from Peru. Prepare to learn more about our nutritious Maca, our best-selling superfood, our aromatic and tasteful Ginger, fruits like our tart Camu Camu, or legumes like our variety of Favas (Fava Beans and Fava Quelcao), or one of our latest products, our Sea Moss from the waters of Pisco in Ica, Peru.

As Korea’s largest international food and hospitality trade show, Seoul Food & Hotel serves as a vital platform for industry professionals to connect, collaborate, and explore, we invite you to join us at Booth 5A401-4 located in the Peruvian Pavilion to explore what our Peruvian superfoods can do for your industry.

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