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Cat’s claw is a vine that grows in Peru, especially in virgin lands of the Peruvian jungle, such as the regions of Ucayali, San Martin, Junin and Madre de Dios. The plant is so named due to the curved spines that grow in pairs along its vine. These plants are characterized by surrounding or occupying a host – a rock, a wall or a tree – and growing up to 40m. in length in search of light.

It is estimated that its appearance dates back 2,000 years ago, and that the ancient Peruvians used it as a medicine due to its anti-inflammatory effects. At present, there are still jungle communities, such as the Asháninkas that use this plant as an essential natural medicine to treat ailments.

The bark of the stem represents the part that is most used, although the leaves and roots are also used. Many studies have been carried out to verify the medicinal and popular properties of this plant, which have confirmed its anti-inflammatory quality.

What is powdered cat’s claw?

Cat’s claw goes through a process of collecting, sorting, and then processing that results in the packaged powder or cat’s claw extract. At Peruvian Nature, our production process does not include the use of any type of food stuff considered an “allergen”, such as: nuts, milk and derivatives (free of lactose, peanuts, soy, fish, eggs, among others).

This means that our products constitute an excellent option for a market with special characteristics, or for those who suffer from some type of intolerance to these products. We also work with gluten free supplies, which allows us to meet the needs of people with celiac disease (gluten intolerance).

In addition, we have a food plant with an internal quality control laboratory, which allows us to analyze and verify our entire production process from the arrival of raw materials to the finished product.

At Peruvian Nature, we care about the environmental impact and that of our producing communities, that is why we have a natural processing system that not only guarantees the safety of our products with the highest quality standards, but also one that maintains most of the active principles of the raw material.

Benefits of powdered cat’s claw

It is traditionally used as a detoxifier and anti-inflammatory. And while there are still no scientific studies to support its effectiveness in fighting diseases, such as cancer, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, some small studies have arrived at related findings.

One of these studies was carried out at the General Medicine Clinic in New York to a group of 27 men who consumed 700 milligrams of cat’s claw for 2 months. The result of this test showed an increase in white blood cells.

Another study conducted by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and American medical organizations targeted 45 people with osteoarthritis in the knee, which is caused by the wear and tear of cartilage. Results showed that with a dose of 100 milligrams of cat’s claw consumed over a period of 4 weeks, participants reduced pain in their knees during physical activity.

What is known for sure is that, in its stem, which is the most used part of the plant, it contains large amounts of alkaloids, isopentane compounds, glycosides, which stimulate the immune system.

How to make tea with cat’s claw?

Cat’s claw infusions are usually made with pieces of the bark that are boiled for approximately 30 minutes in a liter of water. The preparation with cat’s claw powder is very similar. For personal measurements, such as a cup of hot water, you can use 2 grams of powdered cat’s claw, and combine it with sugar, lemon or honey to soften its naturally bitter taste.

Can I use powdered cat’s claw in my smoothie?

Powdered cat’s claw can be applied to nutritional shakes without the need to cook it. This is due to the fact that our product goes through a special process in which its microbiological quality is ensured so that it is a safe, direct-use product. All you have to do to add an antioxidant kick to your drinks is to pour a tablespoon of powdered cat’s claw into the mix and modify the sweetness to suit your needs.

Proper dosage of powdered cat’s claw

The maximum daily consumption of cat’s claw is 1 gram, which is equivalent to one teaspoon. Its consumption is not recommended in children under 3 years of age, or in nursing mothers.

Remember to consult with your doctor concerning the use of food supplements in your diet.

Side effects of cat’s claw bark

Although no negative effects have been officially reported in the consumption of cat’s claw, we remind you – as always – that all food in excess can have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, it is necessary that you use the appropriate dose, and in particular cases, such as during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or undergoing medical treatment, the recommendation is to consult a specialist.

Where to buy cat’s claw powder or extract?

Due to the fact that cat’s claw exports have tripled from 2019 to 2020, many more countries can take advantage of the properties of this medicinal plant in its different forms. Especially in the United States and Japan, which are the countries that lead in imports, their consumers can acquire it in bark, powder or extract form from Peruvian Nature, which is the company that has achieved the most exports in 2020.

Remember that the production of natural products, such as cat´s claw, can be easily contaminated, it is very important that both your machinery, personnel and process strategy work in harmony with the best manufacturing practices, packaging, and in turn a harmonious collection process with the environment, and its producing communities; like Peruvian Nature does.

If you are an entrepreneur or merchant and want to request our products or samples, we invite you to leave your information in the contact section of our website or write to: Our team will respond to your queries and provide you with the information you need. We can all be part of this great change and offer a healthy, nutritious and natural product to our clients with Peruvian Nature.


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