Gender Equity: A Strong Commitment at Peruvian Nature

Gender equity is promoted and defended at Peruvian Nature, where conditions favouring equal opportunities for people historically discriminated against (women, ethnic groups, people with functional or intellectual diversity) are created so they can integrate into society on equal footing, with respect and autonomy. To achieve this, clear and forceful policies have been established to prohibit all types of discrimination and bias. Thus, any allegation of non-compliance is taken seriously whereby an active defense is put into practice. We also count on mechanisms to prevent, identify, evaluate and solve any case of discrimination that may arise.

Furthermore, all types of discrimination or bias are eliminated from the selection stage of employees, promotion opportunities and remuneration policies. Likewise, everyone obtains the same opportunities for development and growth, regardless of their gender, race, sex or any other personal characteristic. Additionally, each employee has the right to receive training in the absence of discrimination, whereby the training offered is inclusive and accessible by all. Finally, social benefits, occupational health and safety conditions, and fair remuneration are provided for everyone on the team, in the same way, free of discrimination.

At Peruvian Nature, our commitment is firm: we believe in gender equality and work tirelessly to promote it in all aspects.

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