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Lucuma (Pouteria Lucuma) is a subtropical fruit with thin green skin and an intense yellow interior, which has a floury, sweet and dry texture. It grows in Latin American countries, such as Peru, Chile and Ecuador, specifically in the Andean valleys with mild temperatures, such as in Ayacucho, Ancash, Moquegua and some parts of Lima. Lucuma, the tree from which it is born, is resistant to droughts and, in optimal conditions, can produce up to 300 fruits per tree.

Some Peruvian chroniclers and historians, such as Elmo León Canales, a researcher at the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Peru, affirm that its consumption, rich in vitamins and minerals, predates the Inca Empire. Evidence of this would be its appearance in different Sculptural pieces (huacos) of the Mochica culture that are in the Larco Museum, such as the ‘botella gollete’ or ‘bottle neck’, where four lucumas are shown together, or carved from its wood as a totem, found in the sanctuaries of Pachacámac. Due to its fundamental role in ancestral diets, it is also known as the Superfood of the Incas or Incan “gold”.

What is lucuma powder?

Lucuma powder is the result of a process that begins with the selection of the best fruits from Huanta (Ayacucho, Peru), which are then dehydrated and ground using Peruvian Nature’s OSS (Organic Sterilization System) procedure to reduce its bacterial load.

You are surely wondering whether it is better to consume fresh or processed fruit. As it turns out, by concentrating the fruit, the nutritional values ​​of lucuma multiply. For example, if in 100 grams of lucuma pulp there are 1.5 grams of protein, in powder form, there are 4 grams.

What are the benefits of lucuma powder?

As part of its nutritional properties, lucuma contains antioxidants. These include beta-carotene to slow down aging; fiber to speed up digestion and also prevent disease, such as diabetes, as it helps control blood sugar levels; iron to maintain hemoglobin levels; vitamin A, which is very useful for vision, growth, cell division, reproduction and immunity; and vitamin B3 to help maintain a healthy nervous system and skin.

In addition to calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamins, it also contains thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and ascorbic acid or, better known as vitamin C.

Despite being a Superfood, remember that it is very important not to consume excessive amounts. The normal intake of lucuma can reach up to 15 grams per day. It is recommended for pregnant women. If you find yourself under any medical treatment, consult your doctor to ensure the properties of the fruit do not affect your medication.

How to consume lucuma powder?

Lucuma powder is an excellent natural sweetener option, which can be applied to any drink to replace sugar, such as herbal teas, nutritional shakes or milk. Pour two tablespoons of Peruvian Nature powdered lucuma over your drinks and it should suffice. You will have a delicious, nutritious and very healthy drink.

It can also be used as a topping for fruit salads, oatmeal or yogurt. In other words, it is an ideal companion to fortify our breakfasts. And if you like pastries, it is an excellent ingredient in baked goods, cakes, ice cream or chocolates, and you can even use it to prepare liqueurs. It’s a matter of experimenting with the flavours and finding your favourite combinations. Just remember that, due to its energizing components, it is recommended that it be consumed during the day.

How to bake with lucuma powder?

Lucuma powder has a floury texture. If you are going to use it to prepare baked goods, such as cakes, it is advisable to balance its quantity with the flour so that your desserts do not come out too dry. For example, if you are applying half a cup of lucuma powder and you normally use a cup of flour, it is recommended that you lower the amount of flour to half a cup. This will give you half a cup of powdered lucuma and half a cup of flour.

Where to buy lucuma powder?

It is very difficult to find lucuma as a fresh fruit in countries outside South America, hence the powdered presentation is much more popular and accessible. There are a wide variety of brands, but it is very important that you look at the processes that this food undergoes. The more natural, the better!

At Peruvian Nature, we care a lot about it and we make our products pass demanding production standards, which have international certificates and ensure a correct, natural and efficient treatment to reduce the microbial load.

The safety of our products is backed by three international quality certifications: British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and Good Manufacturing Practice. And three organic certifications: Organic Europe, (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture Organic and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard).

One of the most recent certifications was obtained in 2018 by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) with the highest rating: AA. This represented significant investment on our part, as well as the restructuring of processes and implementation of machinery and training of our team.

In addition, placing an order is very simple. If you are a commercial entrepreneur and would like to work with our products, you simply have to write to us at:, call us at: (511) 717 8720 or leave your information in the contact section of our website at:, and specify which one of our products you are interested in and the required amount. We will contact you and if necessary, we can send samples, so you can see for yourself just how good our products are.

Don’t think twice and take the steps to offer a healthier, more nutritious and natural product to your clients with Peruvian Nature.

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