Officially Audited By SMETA

Peruvian Nature applied to the most widely used ethical audit format in the world entitled “SMETA Version 6.1”. Its name derives from its acronym in English: Ethical Trade Audit of Sedex Affiliates.

SMETA is an audit procedure that brings together good practices in an ethical audit technique that uses the TSI code and local laws as an evaluation tool.

Our two-pillar SMETA audit was comprised of the following:

  • Labor Standards
  • Health & Safety

Peruvian Nature was evaluated according to this dual-base structure, as well as to additional elements such as:

  • Human Rights
  • Management Systems
  • Right to Work
  • Subcontracting and Working from Home (remote work)
  • Environment (abbreviated)

This allows us to comply with corporate social responsibility practices, as well as with principles of ethical and socially sustainable production.


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