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Peruvian Nature on Gestion newspaper!

Our general manager, Damian Silva, was interviewed by the Gestión newspaper. He spoke about the demand for Peruvian superfoods in a European market in the context of COVID-19. Here is an excerpt from the news:

European market has an appetite for Peruvian SuperFoods rich in Vitamin C

While markets are prioritizing organic, natural, and healthy products, the current global situation is having an impact on them.

In recent years, Peru has managed to position itself as one of the main players in the export market for SuperFoods. These products – in addition to their nutritional value –

provide further health benefits.


The General Manager of Peruvian Nature, Damian Silva, confirmed this trend: “Prices have increased for our main clients. The products that are in the highest demand are those that have a high content of vitamin C or those associated with strengthening the immune system, such as camu camu or cat’s claw, among others.”

The Executive went on to say that although COVID-19 has somewhat boosted demand, the trend towards consuming healthy products has been growing steadily for some time now: “Markets are prioritizing organic, natural and healthy products that are low in carbohydrates. And, what is more, we expect this trend to increase exponentially over the next five years.”

The Company

Peruvian Nature has recently introduced crunchy cranberry flour into the market and envisions incorporating yet another new product into its portfolio: yuca. “In other markets, yuca is widely used as a replacement for wheat. Now, Peruvian Nature is promoting its own yuca flour product.”

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