Peruvian Nature was nominated in the YANAPAY awards – ANIQUEM

The Asociación de Ayuda al Niño Quemado (ANIQUEM), since 2016, has been in charge of organizing the YANAPAY (“reciprocal cooperation or working together for the common good”) award. This award recognizes the support of companies and institutions that contribute to this private non-profit organization that works on burn prevention and integral rehabilitation of children and adolescents with severe burn sequelae.

The YANAPAY Award is divided into categories such as: Social Commitment, Business Cooperation, Solidarity Initiative, Give Smiles, Friends of ANIQUEM, Recycle To Help, Best Environmental Initiative, Best Environmental Product, Double Impact, Eco-efficiency, Enhancing the Value of Recycling.

In its VII edition of the YANAPAY Award, Peruvian Nature was nominated in the category ” EMPOWERING THE VALUE OF RECYCLING”. This recognition is a consequence of the great voluntary contribution of paper, cardboard, scrap and plastic that we provide. The material is collected through the ecological points at our facilities and our recycling events.

How much did Peruvian Nature donate to Aniquem in 2021?

During the entire 2021 period we recycled 13,822 tons (between paper, cardboard, scrap and plastic).

What was the impact we achieved?


  • 1 year of physical therapy for 6 patients.
  • 1 year of occupational therapy for 2 patients.


  • Less landfill space: 32.43 m3.
  • Energy savings: 3,828 kWh.

This commits us to continue collaborating with ANIQUEM and the preservation of the environment. We are grateful for the support of each member of the Peruvian Nature family who make it possible for us to achieve this goal.

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