Sustainability Report 2022: Towards a greener future


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We are pleased to present the eighth edition of our Sustainability Report for the 2022 period. This past year has been one of transformation for us. Most importantly, we continue standing as a company rooted in environmental consciousness, gender equality, and top-notch organic products (Certifications such as BRCGS, HACCP, GMP, JAS, and SMETA demonstrate it).

In 2022, we undertook the mission to measure and report our carbon emissions for the first time, following ISO 14064-1: 2020 guidelines. This event marks a new chapter in our efforts to ensure the safety and sustainability of the future of our planet.

Moreover, the program “Recycle to Help” changed the life of 11 burn survivors. Together with Aniquem NGO, every waste donated recycled item contributed to their physical recovery as we reduce pollution, upcycle and use natural resources more efficiently.

Finally, we reduced the gender gap at our company, reaching a very balanced number of men and women. 61% of our personnel are women. Seeing them thrive at our company fills us with joy and pride.

Furthermore, new measures were implemented to uphold a positive work environment.

This report showcases our sustainable journey and pursuit of a more ethical and responsible planet.

We invite you to discover more of our milestones and actions worth sharing in the hope of inspiring change and our vision for a better future. 

Read our Sustainability Report 2022 here.

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