What is maca powder?

Natural medicine has a deep ancestral heritage and has contributed to maintaining health, treating certain diseases and even curing them. Generally speaking, its use is preventive in nature. In this context, we will provide you with information about maca whose root leads to remarkable results in sexual performance, serves as an energizer and antioxidant, and stimulates the central nervous system.  

Maca is a tuber native to Peru, which can be found throughout the South American Andes. It belongs to the family of turnips and cabbages, contains medicinal attributes and is used for its energizing components. 

Its scientific name is Lepidium meyenii and is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber and fats necessary for the body. Maca can be easily found and purchased in stores selling naturopathic products in either capsule or powder form. 

Maca, in its original form as a root, can be consumed in tea or cooked.  

Another way to prepare maca is by adding a little of the maca powder to juices or fruit smoothies. Different varieties exist, such as red and black maca, however the most popular is yellow maca. 

Types of maca

The wide range of maca is composed of carotenes and niacin, which are antioxidant elements. Now let’s look at the functions of each variety. 

Red maca: improves physical endurance and attention span and concentration by stimulating learning. It also boosts female reproductive health and regulates menstrual cycles.

Black maca: used to treat osteoporosis by contributing to bone regeneration. It can also be used to reduce inflammation of the prostate, recommended for men over 40 years of age.

Yellow maca: diminishes the symptoms of bloating, reduces fatigue, and delays cellular aging.

What are the benefits of maca powder?

While we have already mentioned the multiple benefits of this ancestral root, we would like to highlight here its use as an excellent nutritional supplement. Its energizing power provides people with more energy to perform physical exercises and can be used to maintain a balanced healthy diet, thus generating a feeling of general well-being. 

Maca is restorative due to its content of iron, and vitamins B and C, which help to treat cases of anemia and asthenia, and has been compared to ginseng thanks to its ability to reduce stress. Some natural health experts claim that it helps to decrease the symptoms of menopause due to the adaptogens it contains.

How is maca used?

Traditionally, the Andean people consumed the whole maca root in their daily diet due to its high energizing and nutritious properties. Now, let’s see how it can be used. 

Maca capsules are available in doses that vary from person to person. Ideally, a doctor should be consulted prior to its consumption. 

In the world of Superfoods, maca is used as an ingredient in different types of preparations, from teas to cookies and from nutritional smoothies to toppings for fruity yogurts. 

Maca used in cosmetics provides optimal results when incorporated into creams, ointments and masks for the skin. It is particularly effective as a regenerator and for treating burns. 

Possible side effects of maca.

Like everything in life, we must be prudent and avoid using excessive amounts of maca. 

Maca can, in some cases, cause insomnia due to its energizing properties, hence its consumption should be avoided at night, and before going to sleep. 

Maca portions should be rationed and consumed conscientiously. Due to its alkaloid content, it should be avoided during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

Final Recommendations

As we have seen, maca possesses impressive medicinal and energizing properties with clear health benefits. However, it is recommended that a physician be consulted prior to its consumption for treatment of any condition.  

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