Where to buy cat’s claw?

Natural products are effective at healing, relaxing and in some cases – have been known to cure serious illnesses. If you are highly passionate about nature, support natural medicine and believe in the healing effects that plants produce in our bodies, then this article is for you.

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What is cat’s claw?

This magnificent plant has received many different names. In some countries it is known as Uncaria tormentosa, but it is more commonly known as ‘cat’s claw’. Its shape resembles that of a braided liana and can reach a height of up to 310 meters. This climbing plant native to South America is derived from the Rubiaceae family. Its most fertile production is obtained in Peru.

Although its use is not yet based on scientific verification it is commonly consumed among native as an antioxidant due to its numerous beneficial properties. A, minimum amount of cat’s claw contains alkyl carboxyl esters and oxindole alkaloids, which act as a powerful anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant.

Main uses and benefits of cat’s claw.

Cat’s claw can be ingested in concentrated form in tablets or tea. Its presentation is usually in powdered form or in dry bark.

It is a plant popularly known for being used to eliminate disease-causing viruses and bacteria, such as the common cold and flu. It contains both, glycosides and a high concetration of anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also used to help relieve arthritis and stimulates memory since the alkaloids in cat’s claw are beneficial for oxygenation of the brain. It can also be used to strengthen the intestinal system since it keeps the intestinal tract clean and facilitates its functions, making it very useful for those who have stomach problems.

Some intestinal diseases relieved with cat’s claw include: Crohn’s disease, colitis, gastritis, ulcers, diarrhea and relief of irritable bowel syndrome. All this thanks to its healing power.

Cat’s claw contains seven alkaloids that serve to reinforce, strengthen and protect the immune system and fight free radicals that cause cell damage making the body more resistant to illnesses caused by abrupt changes in climate, as well as to some.

It is commonly used in patients suffering from deficiency or who are receiving aggressive treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy since it helps to protect and regulate the levels so that the body can continue operating at optimal.

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Walter Geronimo, September 22nd 2023
El precio de las hojas y corteza de la uña de gato y si tienen un local para acercarme a comprar esos productos, gracias.
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Quiero saber si venden la planta de uña de gato??