Consciously well done®


Meet our company

We are Peruvian Nature, a Peruvian company founded in 2001, dedicated to the production, marketing and export of high-quality Super Foods. Our ingredients are used by food industry companies around the world as raw material for food production, which reach the hands of the final consumer.


Peruvian Nature is an agribusiness company in Lurin, Lima, specializing in the natural dehydration/drying of native products. The purpose of creating Peruvian Nature was to offer world-class products and superfoods to the food and health industries in the form of bulk or finished products.


Our mission

To bring the wealth of Peruvian Super Foods to the world based on work well done and carried out with respect and passion.

Our dream

To become a relevant agent of change at the international level, inspiring people to eat and live in a more conscientious manner that is better aligned with the world and with themselves.

What do we

Peruvian Nature

We believe in doing things well and consciously. Conscious of the work we carry out and of the process this entails, of that which surrounds us, and of the consequences of what we do. This way of thinking and acting forms the foundation of everything we do at Peruvian Nature.

Our reasoning is simple. We can explain.

It is the result of working in a respectful way and investing love and passion in everything we do, however small it may be. Because when you work this way, the results are impressive. Not only for you, but for the people and the environment that surrounds you.

Our formula

Work well