¿Why us?

Certifications / OSS / Biotrade

Because we are a company that believes in quality and are concerned about the entire cycle of our value chain. This is why we constantly seek up-to-date information on each of our processes and how we manage to strike the ideal balance between the environment, people and our Superfoods.

Our certifications

Super Ingredients were prepared according to the highest quality standards and in a way that is congruous with our partners in the field and in respect of our environment.




(Esp) membership

  • Sedex Member badge


A systematic preventive process to guarantee the food safety of the products at the physical, chemical and biological levels.


Good Manufacturing Practice

Useful tools for obtaining safe products for human consumption, which are centralized in hygiene and handling.

Good Manufacturing Practice


An organic certification for agricultural products, livestock and wild collection for the European market.



An organic certification for agricultural products, livestock and wild collection for the US market.


Japanese Agricultural Standard

An organic certification for agricultural products, livestock and wild collection for the Japanese market.

Japanese Agricultural Standard


Kosher en hebreo significa ‘apto’ o ‘adecuado’ y hace referencia a los alimentos que cumplen con los preceptos de la ley judaica.


Many natural products need to be disinfected, pasteurized or sterilized. There are alternative solutions, such as irradiation, ethylene oxide, ozone, and UV, but our 'Organic Sterilization System' (OSS) is a product treatment system that uses steam and vacuum processing as natural and efficient solutions and internationally recognized to diminish microbial load.

We can process whole and ground products and even those in powder form.

The Organic Sterilization System (OSS) can treat almost any type of medicinal plants, leaves, wood, bark, beans, cereals, seeds, seasonings, spices, roots, tubers, and other whole vegetables, crushed and even in powder form.

Some examples of our product lines include:

Fruits and vegetables

Camu Camu, Lucuma, Golden Berry, Green Banana, Ripe Banana, Blueberry, and Mango.

Medicinal herbs

Cat’s Claw, Graviola Leaves, Stone Breaker, Chuchuhuasi, and Huanarpo Macho.

Roots and pods

Maca, Sweet Potato, Yacon, and Ginger.

Special products

Purple Corn, Sea Moss, Fava Beans, and Dragon's Blood.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022

At Peruvian Nature we are convinced that the preparation of the Sustainability Report allows us to communicate in a transparent manner the progress and challenges we face in order to comply with the commitments we have made to our different stakeholders.

It is with great pride that we would like to share our 2022 Sustainability Report, which reflects our commitment to inform about our economic, social and environmental performance.

We invite you to review the chapters of our report, which detail the highlights and other achievements during our management in 2022.


Peruvian Nature has been working for many years under the principles and criteria of Biotrade.

Biotrade refers to the collection, production, processing, and marketing of goods and services derived from native biodiversity, under the criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.